Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are Macs Really Better?

Today I come to you with a question: what makes a Mac better than a Windows? A lot of people say that Macs are better, and there are three big reasons: They don't get viruses; they have a better user interface; and they come bundled with things like iMovie and iPhoto.  But is it really worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a Mac just to get these bonuses? 
     The first reason isn't even valid.  True, Macs are less susceptible to viruses, but they can still get them.  Hackers just don't bother making viruses for Macs because Apple only has 6.45 percent of the global market share, while Microsoft owns 90.3 percent with Windows XP, Vista and 7 combined.  
     The user interface issue is somewhat valid for now, but looking at Windows 8 and its Windows Phone look, it seems like the interface is going to be a lot more user-friendly than previous versions of Windows.  Even if you don't look at Windows 8, Microsoft has made huge strides since the release of XP.  Apple may have had the upper hand in the XP years, but the Windows 7 revamp brought larger icons, an easier start menu, and a generally more visually pleasing experience.  Macs can't really claim this as an advantage anymore.
     A draw for some people towards Macs is the fact that they come with powerful, preinstalled programs like iMovie.  This helps temper the initial displeasure at finding out how much a Mac is when you go to buy one.  However, you could buy a Windows machine and then buy Adobe Photoshop and Elements and still come out under a Mac's price tag (albeit barely, depending on the quality of the computer you buy).  Photoshop and Elements are a lot more capable than iMovie or iPhoto, too.
While a lot of people claim that Macs are better than Windows, once you dissect that claim, you can see that they're really about equal.  While a Mac's UI is still a bit easier than Windows, you can expect that to change with the possible release of Windows 8 late next year.        

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