Friday, January 20, 2012

Return of the (Android) Jedi

     Sorry about the hiatus, folks.  Now I'm back, and hopefully I'll be able to stay, what with robotics and all.

     Apple has really showed how afraid they are of Android in this move.  They're going up against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for its "slide to unlock" feature.  Ridiculous.  Take a look at these two photos of their lockscreens.  

As you can see, the lockscreens aren't even close in either looks or functionality.  The iPhone's lockscreen is locked into a straight line, while the Nexus' screen allows the circle, which isn't an arrow in a rectangle, to move anywhere inside the larger circle that encompasses the carrier label and the lockscreen options.  You're also able to access the camera on the lockscreen without pressing any extra buttons.  you can access the iPhone's camera from its lockscreen, but you have to double tap the home button, which in my experience doesn't exactly work well a lot of the time.  Apple is trolling really hard right now, and there's almost no chance that they'll win this in any court.  The trial is scheduled for March 16, and it'll be fun to watch Apple be dismissed from yet another stupid patent claim.

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